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Why EVS?

What we offer

Todays’ strict stack discharge limits require you to rely on your Air Pollution Control System to get the job done right, the first time and all the time. EVS is the trusted source to provide the solutions to meet and exceed those requirements from design to onsite installation.

We're cutting edge

Enviro Vent Systems prides itself on staying ahead of the curve on cutting edge technology! During the design process we utilize ACGIH (American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists) standards to ensure our ventilation systems perform to the highest standards not only to protect your personnel but to support the sustainability of the surrounding environment. Our manufacturing techniques include state of the art butt welders, CNC routers and lathes, calibrated thermoplastic welders and a knowledgeable staff for assembly and quality control. All of our duct fabrication and installations are supplied to SMACNA standards and the experience of our technicians to perform the task in a safe and efficient manner to guarantee a successful outcome. We encourage our clients to contact us at any time to discuss all details of your venture so that we can utilize every advantage we have to offer throughout the entirety of your mission.  

We serve a wide variety of industries

Battery Manufacturing
Bio-Gas Processing
Cannabis Processing
Chemical Blending/Mixing
Chemical Manufacturing 
Clean Rooms
Defense Facilities
Emergency Scrubbers 
Food Processing
Glass Manufacturing
Hard Chrome Plating
Medical Device Manufacturing
Metal Finishing
Nickel Plating
Odor Control
Paper and Pulp
Pickling Lines
Printed Circuits
Semiconductor Manufacturing
Solar Panel Manufacturing
Steel Mills
Tank Venting
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